Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Resolutions for 2011 and a review of last year's resolutions

I had made five resolutions last year. It's time to review how I have done with respect to those and take a fresh guard for 2011.

Lose 5 kgs (or more) of weight
I have gained a little bit of weight at the fag end of the year, so now I am back to 78 kgs!
·         Continued in 2011. Needs a better detailed plan.
·         2010 did not work out well.
·         Plan to reduce atleast 0.5 kgs per month.
Exercise everyday - walk/exercise for 15-45 mins everyday
Did stay on course for this for most part of the year. Walking around 30 mins 3-4 times a week in general. Started playing tennis regularly again after nearly 16 years of break. Now averaging 2 days per week.
·         The walk needs to be more regular, atleast 5 days a week.
·         Make a walking plan. Review weekly.
·         Add jogging twice a week to the tennis.
Spend more time with family and friends
Did pretty well on this front. Spent a lot of time with family and friends.
·         Continued in 2011
Read atleast 2 books per month
Did better. Over the year I completed more than 50 books. Bought an eBook reader and having a blast.

Read a lot of books on psychology, physics, popular science, detective fiction (Hercule Poirot is my guru) and of course investment books

Cut down on reading newspapers (stopped reading Economic Times & Business Standard after 10 years – now just browse through the epaper versions daily).
·         Continued in 2011.
Start practicing meditation
Started at the beginning of the year and stopped thereafter
·         To start again in 2011 with 5 mins in the morning.

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