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Great Quotes

I came across some very nice quotes on the web. 

Some were really good and worth repeating.
Figure out what the top five most important stuff is, focus relentlessly on that and keep iterating. Less is more. -- Daniel Ek, CEO, Spotify  My personal limit is upto 3 concurrent goals. It gets much much more complicated if it grows more than that. Have 3-4-5 (whatever suits you fine) goals that are top of the list and focus on them wholeheartedly.
Don’t let people tell you your ideas won’t work. If you have a hunch that something will work, go build it. Ignore the haters. -- Dennis Crowley, CEO, FourSquare  There will always be naysayers. It's more important to believe in yourself and do what you think is right. End of the day you are only answerable to yourself, and no one else.
Follow your gut. it may be wrong, but you won’t regret it if you fail. You’ll regret it if you ignore your gut and fail. -- Sarah Lacy, CEO, PandoDaily  Follow your instincts, but upto a limit. Then get some data…

Do something you love everyday

I keep a list of things that I like doing. At the beginning of every week, I make sure I put atleast one thing from that list into my calendar. Some of the things I have on that list are:
reading detective novels (preferably Agatha Christie!!), 

watching a detective or thriller movie, playing tennis, watching tennis!!, speaking to close friends (the good old adda), having a cup of self-made  darjeeling tea, reading investment books and reports, playing with my son, reading him storieslistening to songs from Kishore Kumar
the list goes on...
It is important to do things that you love frequently. It refreshes and recharges you.