Sunday, January 03, 2010

Old friends reunite

This weekend was great. Saturday we went to the Alumni Association of our school (AGCS). I met a lot of old friends after over 14 years. I met Irshad, Tabish, Hemant, Debarshi Ganguly, Durjoy Sengupta, Rajni and Kavita after 1995. It felt really nice to see these people.

Sandip (Das) is now in Calcutta for a vacation. So, today we met at Tung Fong, Park Street. Sandip and his wife, Sudipta and his wife, Biswajit and me. Sanjoy and Chotu came late, nearly the time when it was time for Bishu and me to leave.

It's nice and cold in Calcutta now, so it was good to go to Park Street in the evening. The good thing was I managed to come out without eating a lot, so the new year resolution is on track.

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