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Two most important questions of your life

There are some very important questions that you can (and definitely should) ask yourself on a regular frequency. This aids in introspection. When people are in school or college they have term exams which help them judge if their progress on their education journey is reasonable. One of the problems of growing up is we stop asking ourselves that question. One probable cause is because we are not conditioned to ask questions of our progress ourselves. So, here is a ritual that I suggest everyone follow atleast once a year. It's best to choose significant days to do this like our birthdays, New Year or any such day.

What you need is a pen and a blank sheet of paper and a quiet place to sit and contemplate. With paper and pen in hand ask yourself the first question, "What would I do for the rest of my life if I won the lottery for xxx amount today?" The amount can be anything that you think is more than enough for you. Think about this. Write what you would do if you did n…

Book Review - Bill Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything

Last week I completed Bill Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything. It is a good book that tries to cover in one sweep the evolution of natural sciences. It starts of from the creation of the universe and goes on to explain the universe, planetary systems and other celestial phenomenon. It then moves on and covers diverse topics like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology. It takes the user through a journey of how each of these subjects of study evolved over a period of time and also it's more illustrious practitioners.
The book has very nice glimpses, in the form of anecdotes, into the lives of great scientists. It is a very good read and is sure to engage readers who are scientifically inclined.

Book Review: Parag Parikh's Value Investing and Behavioral Finance

I just completed Parag Parikh's new book titled "Value Investing and Behavioral Finance". It is a very nice book with examples of equity mis-pricing by the markets based on fear/greed. It explores various mental models of behavioral finance. It makes nice reading because the examples are from the Indian markets so familiarity is high.
It has some interesting insights on index investing. Something that I had not known/thought about earlier. Parikh has put data from Sensex from 1979 to 2005 of stocks that were taken out of the index. The data suggests that companies that are taken out from the index have actually performed better over long term than the index!
It is a good book to read for long term investors, specially if you are interested in investing in the Indian stock markets.

Old friends reunite

This weekend was great. Saturday we went to the Alumni Association of our school (AGCS). I met a lot of old friends after over 14 years. I met Irshad, Tabish, Hemant, Debarshi Ganguly, Durjoy Sengupta, Rajni and Kavita after 1995. It felt really nice to see these people.

Sandip (Das) is now in Calcutta for a vacation. So, today we met at Tung Fong, Park Street. Sandip and his wife, Sudipta and his wife, Biswajit and me. Sanjoy and Chotu came late, nearly the time when it was time for Bishu and me to leave.

It's nice and cold in Calcutta now, so it was good to go to Park Street in the evening. The good thing was I managed to come out without eating a lot, so the new year resolution is on track.

Resolutions for 2010 and beyond

It is customary to make new year resolutions. So, here is my list.

1. Lose 5 kgs (or more) of weight - I have lost over 10 kgs in the last year. Down from 85kgs to around 75kgs now. Resolving to get it down to 70 kgs or less.

2. Exercise everyday (except Sundays - even God rested on Sunday!!) - Resolve to walk/exercise for 15-45 mins everyday.

3. Spend more time with family and friends - Add family time to the calendar!!

4. Read atleast 2 books per month - Make and maintain a list of books to be read.

5. Start practising meditation - Start working on meditating for atleast 5 mins everyday. Plan

These are my resolutions for 2010. Not too many. The trick would be to stick to them and make them work.