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Attitude makes the difference in life

It has been nearly half a month since I am back from China. Interesting how time flies. The China trip was a great experience that something I would remember for a long time.I have bought a new Nokia E63 phone which I am using as my ipod as well so have downloaded a few audio books and listen to them while I drive to work. I have split the audio books in 25 mins pieces so I can listen to them comfortably while I drive. Most of the audio books are about personal leadership, vedanta(!!), personal finance and stock markets. So its a interesting experience to listen to these diverse topics.

I think it is good to listen to hear motivational podcasts/audiocasts on a regular basis. It really helps open up the mind to newer ways of thinking. I have always maintained the most important factor for success is a great attitude. That is the differentiator between someone who just 'floats' through life and someone who takes control of his destiny.


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Review: My new ebook reader - Infibeam PI

I bought a new ebook reader. It is the Infibeam PI ( . I have seen and used both the Amazon Kindle and Sony ebook reader. The main reason I selected the PI is because it was available in India. I did not have to wait for weeks to get my hands on it.

I will not go into detailed comparisons between the three readers I have used. The reason I bought the ebook is to read books. Although that sounds rather a stupid thing to say, I found some features on Kindle quite superfluous to book reading. Like the space consuming keyboard. I dont know of any book which comes with a keyboard, so why should an ebook come with one. If I have to surf the net, I will use my laptop to do it.

The whole buying process was easy and seamless. Delivery happened within 3 working days. The only regret I had was my father was not there to see this. He was pretty excited with the concept of an ebook reader and I had entrusted him with the duty of checking the condition of the parcel when it arrive…

Book Review: Let's Do Lunch by Roger Wilson

I read this book sometime back as part of my journey of understanding food and how it affects the body and mind. In the last two years I have managed to lose about 10kgs of weight and in the process have learnt a fair deal about food, although not enough to talk authoritatively with a nutritionist.

Roger Wilson's book deals mainly about how the author lost a significant amount of weight himself after trying his own diet plan. The diet he followed was eating fruits and proteins. His lack of fundamental knowledge of nutrition makes his commentary a suspect from the very beginning. This book is more a chronicle of the authors weight loss journey than a guide to healthy eating.

Conclusion: Better to avoid.