Monday, December 07, 2009

Attitude makes the difference in life

It has been nearly half a month since I am back from China. Interesting how time flies. The China trip was a great experience that something I would remember for a long time.I have bought a new Nokia E63 phone which I am using as my ipod as well so have downloaded a few audio books and listen to them while I drive to work. I have split the audio books in 25 mins pieces so I can listen to them comfortably while I drive. Most of the audio books are about personal leadership, vedanta(!!), personal finance and stock markets. So its a interesting experience to listen to these diverse topics.

I think it is good to listen to hear motivational podcasts/audiocasts on a regular basis. It really helps open up the mind to newer ways of thinking. I have always maintained the most important factor for success is a great attitude. That is the differentiator between someone who just 'floats' through life and someone who takes control of his destiny.

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