Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make your own choice

I have a lot of people ask me about what I think about career decisions. Some come to ask for job roles in foreign countries, some ask about how to get a different job role, some enquire about career progression and some others ask about how to increase their salaries! What I always end of telling people is make choices based on what you really think is important to you. Think long term. Think if five years from now the choices you make now will make a difference to your life.

Young(er) people have a tendency to look only at a short term view of life and don't really want to think about the long term. (It's like in the stock markets, traders think long term is six months!!). It's critical, to my mind, that people think long term - atleast have a plan for the next 3 years. There has to be a road map that you carry in your head or written down somewhere which helps you in the general direction you want to go. Unless, you know where you are going, you really cannot get anywhere.

All the people I have studied (personally and read about) have one thing in common. They were passionate about their work. They really loved what they did. Not always will you get all the opportunities that you wish for yourself. The idea is to keep going on the path that you have set for yourself.

Important to remember: The choices you make today will determine what you are doing tomorrow. So think and act.

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