Friday, March 23, 2007

Campus Interviews

I just came back from a three day campus interview tour. The campus was really beautiful and the placement cell people showed great hospitality to our team. The students were average in terms of academic quality but most of them had good spoken English. What was appalling though was that the majority had awful writing skills. We had an essay that the students had to write and most of them wrote pieces that were not comprehensible.

Some observations…

  1. The students were very focussed on the salary package, as if salary was the end of the world
  2. Not a single student had any in-depth knowledge of their subjects they were studying. In fact, at other times, most of them would find it tough to get a job at all.
  3. A college official told me that the average cost (all-inclusive) that a student needs to spend in 4 years is around 11~12 lakhs. That means there are a lot of parents who would spent a lot of money to educate their children.
  4. Our company does a very poor job of presenting itself in the PPT (pre placement talk). It seems that people who never visit campuses for placements prepare these presentations. They have very little relevance to what the students want to see in a good ppt. The presentation should be focussed more on bringing out how we are better compared to our competitors, specially the Indian ones as they pose the biggest challenge to us.

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