Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Review - Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman and Ken Abraham

Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman and Ken Abraham was a decent read. It tries to relate Foreman's experiences as a heavyweight boxing champion and as an entrepreneur after his boxing career was over. It is always interesting to read about someone who is a high achiever in his chosen field (like Foreman in boxing) and then goes out to achieve success in another unrelated field. It proves that success is based on certain attributes like hard work, perseverance and the ability to think and act for oneself. This is as true in the boxing ring as in real or business life.
The book is simplistic in it's approach and readers who are looking for some guides on how to star a business will be disappointed. This is more of a story of how Foreman made it big in business rather than a how-to guide. The book contains mostly common-sense approaches to starting a business which is available in nearly all this type of books. People who know George Foreman and have some liking of boxing would find it an interesting read as Foreman gives examples that parallel his boxing and business life. Overall, a pretty average book.

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