Friday, October 30, 2009

Meat, meat and more meat!!!

Today we went to the electrical company to present our recommendations. The presentations went really well. Loren did a great pitch on developing marketing channels. I really like the way he puts a lot of effort in his preparation. That's an important lesson to be learnt. After Loren, I did my pitch on production planning followed by Vandana on HR team motivation and best practices. The finishing touches were provided by a very passionate pitch by Ravi on branding.

After we were done, the General Manager thanked us profusely and took us out to lunch. This was perhaps the largest mean in China so far in terms of variety. The dishes included baked fish, sardines, oysters, crabs, prawns, chicken, pork, beef, duck, frog, rabbit and other vegetables. In total, there were about 24 dishes, give or take a few!!

While returning Lauren helped me pick up ibuprofen and a Chinese mouthwash for my toothache. After taking the medicine it feels a bit better now but the soreness remains.

Tomorrow we leave Dujiangyan early in the day and go see to the mountains and the irrigation system and then head back to Chengdu.

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