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The Great Indian Circus

Indians were treated to another episode of the great Indian circus - the great spectacle of managing the Indian cricket team by BCCI. BCCI, once again ascertained their position as the numero uno clowns of cricket management in the world. Greg Chappel's comment that we cannot run our cricket like the Zimbabweans and expect results like the Australians is spot on. Unfortunately, there are two many skeletons to hide and even more vested interests that prevent sane decision making.

Let us take a look at what these clowns are upto.

1. Induct young blood in the Indian team.
The selectors should be trying to get the best 11 players in India to represent the country, not creating reservations based on age!! But, I guess, as the BCCI is run more by politicians, this is what we have to live with.

2. Have Ravi Shastri as Team Manager
This smacks of underhand dealing. Ravi Shastri's credentials are completely unknown as a manager. Moreover, during his playing days he was as unruly as any. This is like making the most unruly boy in class the class monitor!! Plus, Shastri's record is nothing to be very proud of either. A person who had to be literally thrown out of the team is now going to be the Indian manager. Has his proximity to the BCCI president anything to do with his selection as manager?

3. Players are to be restricted to 2/3 endorsements
Is there any empirical study that suggests that there is any correlation between endorsements and performance? What happens if the team still fares miserably after doing only 2/3 advertisements? Do we then restrict endorsements altogether? How many endorsements does Michael Schumacher and Michael Jordon do and still remain the best in business? Is BCCI within its legal rights to prevent or restrict endorsements?

4. The captain of the team is selected by the BCCI and not by the selection committee
Then why have the selection committee at all? Why not have the team selection done by the working committee of the board?

5. Re-appoint Rahul Dravid as captain
This was the most hilarious of the lot. Anyone, who understands anything about leadership and cricket would admit that Dravid has absolutely no leadership capabilities. He is just the "good boy" of the class and the BCCI wants him so that they can bulldoze their will on the players. Dravid as a player is a very gifted player. Unfortunately, his zero assertiveness, and aloof(read introvert) nature makes him look like an ineffective captain. Also, his game reading has never been good and he has also not been successful captaining even his state side in the domestic circuit. A person, who so lacks in positive body language, is the "absolute worst" choice as captain.
The problem is the alternative to Dravid is either Ganguly or Yuvraj, neither of whom the board would want as Yuvraj is a known Ganguly loyalist and as much assertive as his mentor. Ganguly, on the other hand, has never been shy of picking a fight with anyone. That is perhaps why the BCCI does not want him as captain while they try to take control of the team and players and thwart the challenge from the Zee/Essel promoted ICL.


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