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Idea: Walk and Talk

Recently, Idea Cellular has been running an advertisement starring Abhishek Bachchan as a doctor who suddenly with an idea of asking people to walk and down. At the end of this rather humorous ad, Abhishek Bachchan is seen swatting flies as he has no patients anymore. Everybody has become "fit" after walking and talking!!

I liked this ad for its humor quotient. Then one day, when I was struggling to find time for my daily walks, I realized that I could implement this in my life. I have a few hours of conference calls in the evening every weekday. So, I had a great opportunity of utilizing some of this time for my daily dose of walking. And that is exactly what I am doing now. Last couple of days, I have been doing 40-45 mins of walking during my calls (ones where I am there more as an FYI and not an active participant).

I really think its a great way to utilize the time and stay fit at the same time.


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Review: My new ebook reader - Infibeam PI

I bought a new ebook reader. It is the Infibeam PI ( . I have seen and used both the Amazon Kindle and Sony ebook reader. The main reason I selected the PI is because it was available in India. I did not have to wait for weeks to get my hands on it.

I will not go into detailed comparisons between the three readers I have used. The reason I bought the ebook is to read books. Although that sounds rather a stupid thing to say, I found some features on Kindle quite superfluous to book reading. Like the space consuming keyboard. I dont know of any book which comes with a keyboard, so why should an ebook come with one. If I have to surf the net, I will use my laptop to do it.

The whole buying process was easy and seamless. Delivery happened within 3 working days. The only regret I had was my father was not there to see this. He was pretty excited with the concept of an ebook reader and I had entrusted him with the duty of checking the condition of the parcel when it arrive…

Do something you love everyday

I keep a list of things that I like doing. At the beginning of every week, I make sure I put atleast one thing from that list into my calendar. Some of the things I have on that list are:
reading detective novels (preferably Agatha Christie!!), 

watching a detective or thriller movie, playing tennis, watching tennis!!, speaking to close friends (the good old adda), having a cup of self-made  darjeeling tea, reading investment books and reports, playing with my son, reading him storieslistening to songs from Kishore Kumar
the list goes on...
It is important to do things that you love frequently. It refreshes and recharges you.