Sunday, July 19, 2009

Resolution on a Birthday

Today was my 33rd birthday. I was thinking of making a few resolutions for my year ahead. My so-called "New Year Resolutions". Instead, I thought that I will make only one resolution and then track its status on my blog to see how I am progressing on my commitment.

So, I have resolved this year to reduce my weight by another 10 kgs. (I have reduced about 10 kgs in the last year, so its not as improbable as it sounds). My current weight is 77.8 kgs and my July 19, 2010 target is 67-68 kgs.

To start off, I created my walking plan using the free online walking planner from the American heart Association's website

My target body weight is around 63kgs, so if I am able to reduce the 10 kgs it would be really great for me.

The main trigger is to ensure overall better health and that I do not land up with a heart attack at 50.

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